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How do I work the chairs sound, since it has speakers on the back of it, how do I get sound to come out of it?

Power Supply Requirements:

Use a 5V3A power supply.
The voltage must not exceed 5 volts.
The current must not be less than 1.5 amps.

Turning On and Connecting:

Plug in the power supply.

Wait for the speaker to beep (“beep beep beep”) indicating it’s powered on.
Use a cell phone or computer to search for Bluetooth devices starting with “WD” or “YC”.
Click to connect. When you hear a “beep beep ding dong” sound, it means the speaker is connected.
You can now play music.

Bluetooth Connection Options:

The speaker can be connected via a computer USB or to a power bank.
You can also connect it directly to a power supply.


Do not use a fast-charging head with the speaker. High voltage can damage the speaker.

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